Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring, Spring, Spring!

I just spent three miserable days sick with a bug. Yuck. I am finally better and spent time outside with Bella, my horse. Yes it is after twilight. But granddaughters named her so what can I say. Her long name Bella Diamond. Really crazy but that is a four year old for you.
Anyway I spent time in the sun. It was wonderful especially after being in bed. I can't wait to plant something green. I have so many seeds I want to use this year. We will see. It is nice to be home. I spend the week in Spring City then come home on the weekends if I have gas money or the weather isn't bad or or or.. ANy way. No one will see this so it doesn't matter but I had fun writing it.

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Anastasia1971 said...

Hey Soul Sister! Nice Talking to you this morning :)